Keeping a culture alive, one drumbeat at a time

The Thunder Women of the Passamaquoddy tribe aren’t just honoring ancestors, they’re healing their community and themselves.

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COVID rapid tests can be scarce, yet holidays approach

As the holiday season approaches during the state’s worst surge of COVID-19, Maine health experts say testing is one of a variety of ways to stay safe, but rapid at-home tests remain expensive and difficult to find. Dr. Dora Anne Mills, chief health improvement...

How far will we go to halt rising temperatures?

The weak agreement at last week’s Glasgow climate change summit and double-digit rate increases for power and its delivery, which will be in the bills of Maine’s largest electric utility, have a lot in common. They both showed that fighting climate change faces...

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Unsafe Homes: Children in Peril

Two Maine babies and two toddlers died during May through August of 2021 due to suspected abuse by their parents. The four child homicides in three months set a state record. Barbara Walsh explores the recent homicides in a new series.


An investigation by The Maine Monitor and ProPublica found that more than a quarter of Maine attorneys disciplined in the past decade for serious professional misconduct were hired as lawyers for the poor. Sex crimes and felony convictions were among the most severe infractions overlooked in the only state without public defenders. Defendants paid the price.



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Maine Reckoning: Our first podcast explores Black lives in Maine a year after the murder of George Floyd

Episode one features Dustin Ward, a racial justice and reconciliation advocate who also serves on the New Gloucester town select board.

Chasing Maine: The Oasis

Chasing Maine: The Oasis

Though humble in size, volunteer-run Casco Days fair is a display of pride and generous community spirit.