An empty classroom with four desks for students spread out for social distancing amid COVID-19

Teacher retirements and resignations burden schools statewide

As the new school year nears, superintendents are scrambling to find qualified applicants to fill positions, mirroring a recent trend.

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What the Inflation Reduction Act means for Maine

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Conversations from the Pointed Firs: writer Kimberly Ridley

Editor's Note: The Maine Monitor is partnering with Peter Neill of the World Ocean Observatory to bring you this hour-long interview podcast.  Conversations from the Pointed Firs is a monthly, interview-style podcast during which Peter talks with authors and artists...

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The Journey to Be Me

The voices of transgender people are not often heard. They are grandmothers, ex-Marines, grade school children and leaders. As a record number of states pass anti-transgender laws across the country, The Maine Monitor chronicles the stories of Maine’s transgender people and their struggle to be accepted and understood.

Eavesdropping in Maine Jails

Jailed defendants have a legal right to privately speak with their attorneys. Yet, in Maine, county jails are eavesdropping on these calls. Four jails recorded nearly 1,000 attorney-client calls in a single year and shared recordings with police and prosecutors before trial.



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Conversations from the Pointed Firs: writer Kimberly Ridley

In this episode, writer Kimberly Ridley discusses the power of unstructured time for children and the power present in close observations of the natural world.