Thousands of paper court records line multiple shelves in an office.

Maine courts may take until 2028 to touch backlog of cases

Chief Justice Valerie Stanfill says the judicial branch is “frail” following her State of the Judiciary speech.

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For those in need, in-person therapists are hard to find

As longtime foster parents with six foster and adopted children currently in their care, Stephanie Moores and her husband Todd of Milbridge know that counseling is a crucial part of helping displaced, often traumatized children adjust. But in recent years, they have...

A graphic seeking donations. A quote from two Maine Monitor readers. The first says "I'm really happy to know that we have this kind of journalism in Maine!" The second says "Good journalism is a critical need these days." Also shown is a photo of an island off Maine's coast, the Maine Monitor logo and a support us button.

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A trash heap inside a landfill

Invisible and Indestructible

Maine faces widespread contamination due to PFAS in ubiquitous use and now polluting wells, public water supplies, farmland and food chains. This series explores the pathways by which PFAS cycle through Maine’s environment and the far-reaching repercussions these enduring chemicals will have.

Aerial view of a parking lot in Damariscotta and homes that are at risk of being washed away

The Unstoppable Ocean: 10 stories from the edge of Maine

Along Maine’s stunning coastline, vulnerable communities wrestle with the inevitable rise of the sea caused by the warming ocean. Aerial photographer Alex MacLean and reporter Kate Cough found that each community has a different strategy to prepare and adapt.



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A panel of four speakers representing three Maine nonprofit newsrooms sit at a table.

Maine Monitor participates in panel on the crucial role of nonprofit news organizations

The panelists discussed how their nonprofit newsrooms are shaping the future of local journalism in Maine.