John Christie

John Christie

John Christie is the co-founder, former publisher and former senior reporter of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. He has covered local, state and national politics as a reporter, editor and publisher at newspapers in Maine, Massachusetts and Florida and holds a BA in political science from the University of New Hampshire.


From a gazillion dollars to bupkis — our annual index

From a gazillion dollars to bupkis — our annual index

Once a year, we take our inspiration from the clever folks at Harper’s Magazine, and produce, as they do, an index of “ironic statistics arranged for thoughtful effect.”

Our index, written by Editor-in-Chief John Christie, is drawn from the stories we published in the past year.

Poll news is no news

Poll news is no news

As voters surely saw this past campaign season, there were lots of polls. They showed how one candidate was winning or another. But polls can be wrong, and they are often abused by political operatives who want to promote candidates.

Closed door: Legislators conducting public business in private despite state’s open meeting law

Three for the price of one

It’s election season, and the hyperbole machine is redlining. Endorsements, especially, are the time to lay it on thick and attempt to counter the candidate’s greatest weakness.


Many of our stories, including some by this author, have been based on tips from readers.


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