Chasing Maine: The Portfolio

As Roger McCord's retirement nears, he takes a look back at some of Chasing Maine's best moments.

by | December 19, 2021

Chasing Maine takes a retrospective look with The Portfolio. Just for good measure, we’ve included a few scenes and clips that may have landed on the cutting room floor — but were too classically Maine to leave behind.

Chasing Maine is a video series that explores Maine from a distinct visual perspective. Veteran Maine journalist and storyteller Roger McCord has chased people, places and things that define the unique character of the Pine Tree State. The Maine Monitor cannot thank him enough for his contributions, and visual talent. You never know, we may try to lure Roger back into action — sometime, somewhere down the road. (You can still subscribe to the Chasing Maine playlist on YouTube.)

Roger McCord

Roger McCord

Roger McCord has had a wide-ranging career in journalism, spanning the gamut from writing/reporting to daily news photography to working on various news desks as an editor. The most recent incarnation is in video production – usually brief features and mini-documentaries in and about Maine.