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Help Wanted: The Immigrant Opportunity


Given that Maine is racing into an economic crisis because it doesn’t have enough workers for its jobs, we decided to examine the role immigrants could have in helping to solve Maine’s serious workforce needs.

We moved away from the heated rhetoric that focuses on people who are in this country illegally and examined how immigrants who are cleared to work could help fill Maine’s employment gap.

To do this, we conducted more than 40 interviews and collected a lot of clarifying data. To navigate the labyrinth of immigration law, we talked with policy experts and public officials. We turned to Maine economists to help put the employment crisis in perspective. We spent time with immigrants and business owners discussing myriad barriers to employment. And we spoke to legislators about how the state could better support the entry of immigrants into the workforce.

Help Wanted: The Immigrant Opportunity is the culmination of that work.

Maine employers look to immigrants to fill severe gap

With long-term workforce challenges looming, many in Maine see legal immigration as the state’s best option for avoiding an economic crisis.

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